AmeriStat was developed by Population Reference Bureau in partnership with demographer Bill Frey and his colleagues at Social Science Data Analysis Network of University of Michigan. AmeriStat features instant summaries, in both graphics and text formats, of the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population such as: 2000 Census statistics, Foreign-Born, Children, Education, Labor/Employment, Fertility statistics, Income/Poverty, Migration, Mortality, Older Population demographics, Political Arithmetic, Estimates/Projections, Marriage/Family and Race/Ethnicity related statistics.

AmeriStat website was developed to simplify sifting through large data files from a variety of different sources, such as the 2000 Census or the Census Bureau's monthly Current Population Surveys. Ameristat website also fetures links to other statistics related web sites for additional, more detailed information about demographics statistics. AmeriStat website is usually updated immediately when new updated and relevant information is released. AmeriStat was developed to do all of the work that's necessary to explain both the current and historical demographic trends in the United States. For all of the 14 subcategories that AmeriStat tracks, whenever data is available it's for five-year data points going back to 1970. Single-year data are shown for recent years, with special emphasis on the coverage of the 2000 Census.

Ameristat has moved, please visit the Population Reference Bureau at to view AmeriStat content.