A backpack sprayer is a good option for farm and yard spraying. When buying a backpack sprayer, make sure that you get one that has all the essential features. The first step is to determine whether you need a manual or automatic backpack sprayer.

A manual backpack sprayer while requires you to use some energy, but it is durable and long-lasting. If you have a big yard, consider buying a battery operated backpack. Some features to check when buying a backpack sprayer:

Tank Size

backpack sprayingIt is essential to check the tank when buying a back sprayer. The size of the back sprayer is an essential feature to consider. Buying a back sprayer with a very big tank might be too heavy to carry. A tiny tank is also not ideal because you will be required to refill it all the time.

A tank of four gallons is the ideal size for spraying the standard yard size without feeling overwhelmed. You can always consider the tank size based on how much weight you are willing to carry and yard size.

Easy to Refill and Leak Proof

It would be best if you also considered the ease of refilling when buying a back sprayer. The top of the tank should be wide enough so that you can refill it easily. It is also advisable to buy a sprayer with a leak-proof design. When checking the leak-proof design, make sure that it is sealed well. Check the top and bottom to make sure that the tank is sealed.

Comfortable Design

backpack sprayerA good back sprayer should have a comfortable design. A back sprayer with comfortable padding is ideal for wearing for a long time. You can wear the back sprayer for a long time without getting any bruises because of the padding. Padding along the shoulders and also the back will make wearing the back sprayer comfortable. Straps that are easy to adjust are ideal for a back sprayer depending on your height.


Transparent or Translucent Tank

It is advisable to buy a tank that has a transparent or translucent tank. A transparent tank will be easy to refill. You can always check the level of the liquid. In case you want specific measurements, it will be easy to monitor the level of the liquid. For ease of use, make sure that you buy a back sprayer with a transparent or translucent tank.

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