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Termite Baiting: Everything You Should Know

Home pests can subject you to an array of health risks. The chances of contracting illnesses and experiencing discomfort are much higher. You can hire a pest control company to help get rid of these dangerous insects from your home. I hear good things about this Miami Pest Control Service. You can hire them for quality service in your home.

Termites are common pests that can infest your home. They usually feed on wood, paper, drywall and plastic. This means they can expose your home to damage and also create some discomfort. You should utilize different methods to control termite infestation in your home. Baiting is an ideal way to control them.

termite bait systemTermite Baiting

The use of bait stations is an ideal way to deal with termite infestation in your home. Different types of termite bait systems are used during the process. They are edible products laced with poison. Baiting systems are meant to exterminate the whole colony.

How It Works

A baiting station is normally placed in the ground around a specific area or structure that is highly infested with termites. Different items can be used as bait in this case. Wood is the most common material because termites feed on them. You should pay close attention to confirm whether the termites have began feeding on the bait. After confirming their presence, you should place the edible or cellulose bait in the selected station. The poison-laced bait is slow acting, making it easy for a single termite to share it with the whole colony. Other termites in the colony will feed on the edible and die after a while.

Other baiting systems are placed on the ground. You should target termite paths to place this kind of bait. Drywalls, active wood and mud tubes are some of the places where you can place  this kind of bait. You can use above the ground options with other methods that will offer the best results.

termite controlBenefits of Termite Baiting Systems

Using a termite baiting system is friendly to the environment. You will get rid of termites without damaging the environment in any way. This particular method does not expose you to any risks because no chemical is involved during the whole process. Other items in your home or compound will not be exposed to risks you are likely to face when using pesticides. Termite baiting is also a simple and effective option. You will spend less and get rid of a whole termite colony. How about you try it out for the best results.…

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